Woman Changed Her Dull Black Hair To Auburn & Now She Looks Like Melissa McCarthy’s Twin

Date January 20, 2020

Why are makeover haircuts so popular? It might be because people like to see how a grey mouse turns into a gorgeous bombshell with a simple change of a haircut.

But why a great haircut can transform your life? There are many reasons, some of them include:

  • it can hide little imperfections, like forehead wrinkles or a little scar;
  • it can make you look years younger, especially when a mature woman chooses short haircut;
  • it can enhance your personality or mark a new change in your life.

When a mature woman has the same haircut since she was in high school with the same boring color, going to a professional hairdresser, like The Makeover Guy, can turn into an experience that could transform her look entirely. See for yourself!

Melissa McCarthy’s double

Leah is not a mature woman but her hairstyle makes her look as though she is. She has just turned 40 and has a big event to attend in her calendar – a wedding.

Leah has never watched any of The Makeover Guy’s videos and has no idea who he is, yet, she decided to trust her precious hair to him. As usual, he didn’t disappoint.

The young woman’s dull hair was colored in bright auburn and social media thinks she turned into Melissa McCarthey. Check it out:

She looks unbelievable, isn’t she?

People think she’s beautiful


Yes, her smile at the end was so big! She looks beautiful, what a difference hair color can make.


She reminds me so much of Melissa McCartney! Even the way she speaks

@Katy's Organic Beauty:

This is my favourite one so far. Her dark hair was very ageing and sapped the life from her face. She looks absolutely beautiful now, healthy and young.

@K. Fuentes:

Beautiful, looks like a completely different woman. Redefining her brows really change her appearance. Well done.

@Tree Lore:

She does look completely different - almost like black and white tv and then suddenly color. Wizard of Oz makeover. She actually looks 40 now, her dark flat hair was aging for sure. Makeup was a really nice addition.

@angela visone:

Transformation is priceless. She became such a much more confident person in her personality with her beautiful hair style and makeup. these people!

Hair colors that can make you look younger

There are a few things you can ask your hairdresser to do to make sure you leave a few years in a hair salon and walk out of it a new woman.

If your hair is one unified color and has no dimension, it will make you look older. That's why you should try adding warm highlights! Caramel, cooper, honey, auburn will help to bring the youthful glow back to your face.

If you are more adventures, you can change your hair color completely! But again, stick to warm hues. For blondes – go for honey color, for redheads – stay away from blue-red, for brunets – go for warm chocolate or caramel, and for black hair – ask your stylist for a warmer version of it.

If you are over 50 and think that your time for experiments is over – think again! Making your hair color warmer and trying a shorter cut can totally change your entire appearance and accentuate your natural beauty! Have you ever experimented with your hair?