Upside Down Christmas Tree Is Trendy And Beneficial: Special Meaning Behind It And Guide On How To Hang It Yourself

Date November 20, 2019

Christmas has always been a warm and wonderful time of year for people worldwide. Although a traditional Christmas tree represents life, rebirth, and stamina, there is another trend that has blown up in the last few years: the upside-down Christmas tree.

Upside Down Christmas Tree Is Trendy And Beneficial: Special Meaning Behind It And Guide On How To Hang It YourselfFamVeld /

Upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling makes some sense - besides keeping your floor space clear, it’s a very striking modern look, save for one thing—it’s not modern at all.

Inverted Christmas trees history

Hanging fir trees upside down goes back to the Middle Ages when Europeans did it to represent the Trinity. According to a legend described by CBC, an 8th century English monk Saint Boniface who brought Christianity to Germany and France used an upside-down pine to try to turn Pagans on to a new faith.

According to the legend Boniface saw pagans preparing to celebrate the winter solstice by sacrificing a young man under an oak tree – a sacred tree in their beliefs. He was angered by their actions and cut the tree down.

A fir tree grew in its place and Boniface supposedly decided to hang the inverted tree and use the triangular shape as a tool to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagans while trying to convert them to his religion.

Whether done to save space or to keep pets and children away from the ornaments, it's a thing now. And if you also want to impress your friends and family with this dizzying trend here is the guide on how to hang a Christmas tree by yourself.

How to install an upside-down Christmas tree:

  • Buy a lightweight, artificial tree. A wire tree stand or one with pre-drilled holes in the base is a bonus that will make the tree easier to hang.
  • Chose the best location and remove the tree stand from the tree.
  • Wrap wire or string around the trunk.
  • Create a loop by which to hook the tree from your ceiling.

  • Drill a hook to your ceiling. This will be what you loop the string onto.
  • Loop the string onto the hook. With the help of another person, invert the Christmas tree and place the loop in the hook, securing the tree.
  • Attach the lights and decorate your beauty!

Besides just being a striking design choice, it's actually pretty beneficial! Just imagine how many more packages you'll be able to pile under the tree! Your family will love the new decorations and we are sure your Christmas will be simply amazing with your own inverted tree.

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