Mom's Heart Swells With Joy And Pride To See Her Twin Toddlers Embracing Each Other Over Their Crib Bars

Date December 4, 2019 12:48

Seeing a video of her twins hugging each other over the bars of their wooden cribs has left one mother bursting with love and joy.

Twins do have a special kind of bond. This is easy to understand considering that not only are they siblings but they are also the same age and go through several life stages side by side from the moment they are born.

Because not all siblings get along, it's always so nice to see twins bond. One research published in the journal Science showed that alpha brain waves which were induced in one twin were naturally replicated in the other, which could explain their connection.

Mom's Heart Swells With Joy And Pride To See Her Twin Toddlers Embracing Each Other Over Their Crib BarsAnneka /

Sweet video shows the special bond of twins

A mother couldn't keep her heart from swelling with love when she witnessed a loving moment between her twin toddlers.

Laura Dalton posted a video on Facebook of her 18-month-old boys Jacob and Noah Cantley in which they were seen embracing one another over the wooden bars that separated their cribs.

Speaking to the UK DailyMail, the mom explained that she had just put the boys down for her afternoon nap and when she later checked on them through the child monitor she loved what she saw.

The little ones were seen leaning on their tiptoes and putting their arms around each other in what was clearly a loving embrace. The mom said:

They have a brilliant bond. This made me burst with love. Because they do fight over toys, it's lovely to know they love each other. I couldn't believe it when I saw them hugging on the monitor.

Laura added that when it came to her boys they were either "wrestling or cuddling" most of the time and after they had been fighting that particular day, it was such a treat to see them hugging it out later on.

The mom said she hoped to save the video for when her kids were older so she could show them how much they loved each other whenever they argued.

Internet reacts

This video that showed the identical twins bonding melted hearts all over the internet.

Those who saw it had wonderful things to say and considered this moment to be very precious.

Parenthood can sometimes have its challenges but it's times like this that makes it all worth it. Just imagine seeing such a natural show of love between your kids and you'll understand why Laura was really touched by this moment.

What a fantastic video to brighten anyone's day!

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