Selfless: Woman Becomes Sister's Surrogate After Learning About Her Sibling's Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Date October 30, 2019

Surrogacy can be a complicated process. It requires to build an emotional or supportive bond with the intended parent. Is it any easier if it's surrogacy for sister? There no laws to forbid a cousin, friend or relative to do so.

Selfless: Woman Becomes Sister's Surrogate After Learning About Her Sibling's Breast Cancer DiagnosisIakov Filimonov /

Certain dynamics are to be considered while looking for a surrogate mother. Her compatibility, availability and genuine interest have to be confirmed before the impregnation. It's better to think about what kind of relationship you'd have with the bearer of your child after birth. Would you allow visitation or involvement in the baby's upbringing?

All of these factors get covered if you choose a sister surrogate. It seems like a smart option but, it only happens in unique circumstances.

Gift of a miracle

Before her 30's, Randi Fishman was informed by doctors that she lacks the BRCA1 gene. It makes a woman more prone to breast cancer. Rightly so, the morbid disease recurred in her life over and over. She underwent a double mastectomy and multiple rounds of radiation. Only a year later, cancer grew in her again.

It meant that Randi couldn't conceive because of birth defects risk and other hazards. That's when her sister, Erin entered the picture. She promised her to give her this miracle after completing her own family. The elder one told ABC News:

I’m her sister. If I can have a baby for her, why not. Of course, I was going to do it.

Erin had two daughters who were now toddlers. She began the surrogacy for her sister in 2016. The selfless woman delivered Randi's daughter, Austyn Harli, on December 8, 2017. She said:

It was the most incredible gift that I’ve ever given to anybody.I want to share my story to inspire others, even if one other person does what I did.


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That's what being a woman means. Being the bearer of life, not just for yourself but for those you love and care about. In a simple sense, Erin displayed selflessness and height of compassion. Kudos to the lady! Congratulations Randi on having a baby and such an incredible sister.

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