'My Husband Doesn't Have A Fat Fetish:' Mixed-Weight Couple Defend Themselves From People Who Criticize Their Sizes

Date October 28, 2019 12:50

The term "mixed-weight couples' is a controversial one mainly due to the belief that it implies there's something wrong if two people in a relationship have different body types.

Usually, this term is used when one person has a significantly higher weight than the other. And couples like this have been known to face judgment and criticisms from people.

Mixed weight couple Dalreece and Jareth

Young couple Dalreece and Jareth face criticisms simply due to their different sizes. Jareth has a slimmer frame while his wife Dalreece has a fuller figure.

The couple from Cape Town never really realized the concept of being "mixed weight" but they had to face some sly looks and comments out in public due to their sizes.

The two met via Tinder and got married two years later. They don't see anything strange about their relationship as they considered themselves to be no different from any other couple. But apparently, people begged to differ.

In the Barcroft video titled My Husband Doesn't Have A ‘Fat Fetish', Jareth said that people have often accused him of having a "fat fetish" or being a "chubby chaser" as a way to explain why he would be attracted to Dalreece.

For a long time, Dalreece was very self-conscious about posting full-length pictures of herself to avoid these judgments but Jareth's love and acceptance of who she is have given her confidence over time.

Despite dealing with the occasional negative comments, Dalreece still continues to share her story and her love with the world and many people have been inspired as a result.

What not to say to a mixed-weight couple

Some people may mean well but end up saying the wrong things to couples who look like Jareth and Dalreece. Such questions like “Your spouse must always be on your case about getting healthy, huh?”, “Aren’t you attracted to people your own size?', or “Does being different sizes make you uncomfortable?” may come across as rude and insensitive.

The point remains that it's not anyone's business why two people choose each other. When couples are in love, it doesn't help to pick apart their relationship and make assumptions about their flaws based on your own beliefs that two people of different sizes can't be together. Love is love and there's nothing to be gained for making a couple feel bad for being together.

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