Mom Is Inspired To Raise Awareness After Picture Of Her Albino Son Was Being Shared Online As A Cruel Meme

Date December 6, 2019

Certain conditions, like albinism, make a person more susceptible to being ridiculed. In many cases, this unfair treatment can even be targetted at babies and it may just be because people are simply not educated about the issue.

What is albinism? According to KidsHealth, this refers to a genetic condition whereby a person is born without (or with very little) pigmentation in the eyes. It can sometimes affect the hair and skin too. In addition, albinism can be passed from a parent to a child as a result of genetic mutation.

It's distasteful for an albino child to be used as the punchline for a joke but that was something one mother found herself dealing with.

Meet Patricia Williams and her son, Redd

When Patricia looked at her newborn baby for the first time, she was thrilled with his appearance. The little, one, named Redd, came with a full head of white head and "big beautiful eyes."

In her article for LoveWhatMatters, the mom said that, at the time, she didn't realize there was anything different about her son. Patricia and her husband, Dale, loved showing off their boy as people were quite excited to see the baby with white hair. The couple assumed that since they were blondes in the family, Redd probably took after them.

A few months later, they learned from a genetic specialist that boy was actually an albino.

A cruel meme

Patricia knew that her son might have to deal with being treated differently due to his albinism but what she didn't expect was how early this would start.

She was shocked when, out of nowhere, a picture of her albino boy was being used as an internet meme.

Speaking to Metro, the mom said that she and Dale initially started contacting every single person who posted it, urging them to take down the photo. But they soon realized it was spreading much too fast.

Rather than feel helpless about the whole thing, Patricia decided to do something positive. The picture led her to gain a lot of Instagram followers and she used the opportunity to raise awareness about the condition.

She was able to turn what must have been a devastating experience into a teachable moment for those who were curious about what it was like to be an albino.

Raising an albino child

A mom named Emily Urquhart shared a heartwarming post about a few things parents can expect if they have a child with albinism.

In her article which was written as a letter to her younger self, Emily explained such factors as the fact that albinism doesn't mean a child is allergic to the sun. Sunscreens, hats and long-sleeved clothes can help protect the child's tender skin.

She also advised herself and others in similar situations that the child's vision can be corrected with glasses and even though the sense of sight is limited, the kid can still find ways to explore the world around them.

The first reaction most parents have when they have a baby that's "different" is usually one of shock. And one can understand why Patricia was even more upset to see her little baby being poked fun at online. But Kudos to her for not running and hiding. Rather, she was inspired to teach and help others.

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