"We're All So Proud And So Happy:" Mom Overjoyed As Her Son With Down Syndrome Marries Sweetheart Who Has The Same Condition

Date November 12, 2019

Down Syndrome affects a lot of people and in many cases, parents of children with this condition often worry when it comes time for the child to enter the dating world.

According to GlobalDownSyndrome, the important thing for any parent to remember at a time like this is that a positive attitude matters.

Parents should ensure the children have active social lives which gives them ample opportunity to meet potential partners. This can sometimes require the parents to be more involved in coordinating, planning, and transporting their child, at least initially. But in the end, a parent should be a good role model and be attentive to what the child needs.

"We're All So Proud And So Happy:" Mom Overjoyed As Her Son With Down Syndrome Marries Sweetheart Who Has The Same ConditionMarcel Jancovic /

A happy couple

One mom celebrated the fact that her son, who was born with Down Syndrome, met and married the love of his life.

26-year-old Kieran Duffy and 21-year-old Emmie Houckham, who also had Down Syndrome, tied the knot in August 2019 which made their friends and loved ones very happy.

Kieran and Emmie met in 2013 at a camp for special needs people and things blossomed from there.

Kieran's mom Tessa opened up to Kent Online about how the couple's relationship was. She said that the two were very involved in planning their big day, from how the venue would be decorated to the songs that were played.

In Tessa's opinion, Kieran and Emmie were the perfect match.

Say if they go out to a restaurant they've not been to before, Kieran might struggle to read the menu, whereas Emmie would be able to do so fluently. But if they needed to ask for help, for example, Kieran has more confidence, so he wouldn't be afraid to do that.

Even though they were very happy together, Tessa said that, like any average couple, they had their ups and downs.

She said that Kieran loved his alone time whereas Emmie loved being around him all the time.

Sometimes he'll ring me up and say 'how do I get her to just go up to bed?' or 'how can I just get five minutes on my own?' But you could argue that's the case for an awful lot of couples.

Overall, the couple's family and friends were very happy about the union and they believed these two were the perfect fit.

We're all so proud and so happy.

Dating with Down Syndrome

According to SpecialBridge, one of the most important things about dating, when you have Down Syndrome, is to take things at your own pace.

You can lessen the pressure by going on more active dates or a double date so you don't get overwhelmed by constantly needing to talk. In addition, you may get rejected by some people but it's important to keep trying and stay open to possibilities.

Love stories are beautiful to read. And in cases like this where two people have their own challenges to cope with, it can get complicated. But seeing how they have been able to maintain that love and closeness regardless of the odds, makes for a pretty powerful tale.

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