Bride Celebrates Love For Down Syndrome Brother Through Amazing Photo Shoot On Her Wedding Day

Date December 25, 2019

Unbridled joy, pure love, and a strong connection were some of the key things people will immediately see when they look at these gorgeous pictures of a bride and her brother.

Having down syndrome comes with its challenges, but one handsome young man is surrounded by support and love, despite his condition.

The special relationship between siblings

Of course, not all siblings get along. But some of the best relationships, especially the ones between a brother and a sister, show a connection more solid than words can explain. Why is it so?

In an article shared on Metro, writer Abigail Chandler opened up about why she considered her bond with her brother to be the best. She noted such things as:

  • Giving and receiving useful relationship advice.
  • Limited fights, since you are both stuck together.
  • Getting to play with a wide range of toys regardless of gender stereotypes.
  • The intense feelings of protectiveness.

All these and more are possibly shared by this sibling duo melting hearts all over the internet.

Down syndrome brother joins the bride for a sweet photo session

When Ashley was planning her wedding to the love of her life, Brian, they explored some of the ways through which they could make the event special.

One thing the bride looked forward was having the "first look." This refers to a when a bride shows her dress for the first time, usually to the groom. But since he would get to see it when she walked down the aisle anyway, Ashley decided to do things differently.

She chose to do the first look moment with her brother Nick Rice, who had down syndrome. They were super close so it made perfect sense.

Photographer Kelsey Watroba was responsible for capturing the incredible photo session that featured the bride showing her beloved brother her wedding outfit.

Speaking to Insider, Kelsey said the photoshoot was perfect. She later shared some of the snaps online and people absolutely loved it.

The pictures showed the siblings laughing together, hugging each other and Nick looking very proud of his sister. There was no doubt that the feeling of love was mutual.

What it's like to have a sibling with down syndrome

Having a family member with special needs can make things a little complicated. But one study did show that in cases of siblings aged 12 and older, 97% of them revealed that they felt proud of their siblings with Down syndrome while 88% were convinced that the condition actually made their brother/sister better.

Katie Grace, who knew first-hand what such a sibling relationship could be like, opined in an article that siblings of people with down syndrome are usually very patient, understanding and tolerant.

William Lawyer described his own sibling, who had the condition, as more than a sister. He said they spent a lot of time together even though they had different interests. He concluded that their relationship was "wonderful."

Some expectations for people who have siblings with Down syndrome

Rebecca Fisher, another person with first-hand experience of having a Down syndrome sibling, shared some facts about the situation.

  • They don't hold you back: People assume that having a brother or a sister with this condition will negatively affect you but this isn't the case. Rebecca said the contrary is true as her brother actually motivates her to achieve.
  • Sibling annoyances are normal: Yes, you won't always get along but this has nothing to do with the genetic condition. Siblings simply fight sometimes.
  • You're fiercely protective: Rebecca doesn't want you to be surprised if your inner lion comes out when your sibling is being bullied or treated terribly due to their condition.

A sibling bond is always a delight to see. It's more than just two people who share genetic material getting along. It's a deep connection that lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to experience it but those who have will tell you that it's one of the best things ever. Having someone in your life who has your back, no questions asked, can make your world brighter. Are you lucky enough to have a sibling like that?

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