"Disgusted" Mom Found A Note From Her 5-Year-Old Son's Daycare Teacher Saying To Put Him On A Diet

Date November 22, 2019

Bullying often involves fat-shaming, which can be extremely traumatizing for the child's psyche and their body image development. One mom was horrified to discover that her son found himself being criticized by a bully and, what's even worse, that bully was his teacher.

"Disgusted" Mom Found A Note From Her 5-Year-Old Son's Daycare Teacher Saying To Put Him On A DietAfrica Studio /

A Texas mom shares a fat-shaming note from her son's daycare teacher

Francesca Easdon, a Texas mother, shared an enraging story of her 5-year-old son being fat-shamed at his daycare. Easdon wrote on her Facebook post that she's been trying to provide her son with healthier lunch options since he was a picky eater and the school's lunch wasn't the most appetizing thing for him:

We have been working with Kyler on his eating, he’s extremely picky! I have been introducing new healthy options in his lunchbox and discussed the changes with his school.

The mom started making her son, Kyler, lunchboxes with sweet notes to make him smile, but one day she received one of the notes with the most appalling message:

No! Put him on a diet & go away!

Francesca was shocked to read the note and immediately rushed to comfort her son:

For the record, I feel that Kyler is absolutely perfect the way he is, I’m just helping him make healthier choices. Instead of his school being supportive I am in absolute shock at what happened.

She marched to the school the next morning and demanded the principal to figure out who did that terrible thing to her note. One of the teachers confessed and was immediately fired, but, according to Francesca, the school didn't further apologize or felt sorry for what happened:

Zero remorse for their actions. I am disgusted that I put my trust in these people to care for my child and this is what I get in return.

Easdon removed Kyler from that terrible preschool and found a much nicer place for him because nothing is more important to her than her son's well-being.

Supportive reactions online

@Britney Copeland:

You handled this so well. I can't believe a grown adult would act like this.

@Raquel Sandoval:

Omg. Girl you handled this so well. I wish I had your grace. I am HOT right now just thinking about this. I am so sorry kyler did not deserve that.

@Melody Ameri Lenard:

I cannot believe a teacher would write something like this. It is appalling! Your son does not even the slightest bit need to be "put on a diet." And even if he did, writing a not like that is immature, inappropriate and just ignorant. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I can only imagine the rage you must feel. Your boy is perfect the way he is! At least the teacher was fired and the Kyler is in a better environment. I'm so sorry.

It's a good story to remind us all to be careful of who we trust our children with.