Half English, Half Jamaican Girl Is A Carbon Copy Of The 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World'

Date October 30, 2019 13:17

There is a common belief in our society that multiracial people are perceived to be more attractive. Sociologist Jennifer Sims even coined the term “biracial beauty stereotype.” Some studies show that a biracial child is more likely to have a higher level of education and increased height. But are they that more beautiful?

Half English, Half Jamaican Girl Is A Carbon Copy Of The 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World'fizkes /

Biracial girl who looks like the most beautiful girl in the world

A biracial girl from the UK has been gaining a legion of fans because of her striking resemblance to Thylane Blondeau. Thylane was discovered at 6 years old and rocketed to fame after being named the most beautiful girl in the world.

At 10, Blondeau became the youngest model to pose for French Vogue and perhaps her British twin will have the same success in the future, too.

Kya-Shae Walker is 8 and she lives in Bristol with her mom Claudia and elder brother Cavalli. Kia is half Jamaican and Grenadian and half British. Her unworldly beauty has already helped her to work with many brands and appear in a number of magazine editorials.

Claudia commented on the resemblance between her daughter and Thylane to FEMAIL:

They do have a similar look. We are all extremely proud of her and I think Kya secretly loves the attention she gets from people!

Kya’s family has encouraged her to try modeling from a very young age. The little one is signed with child modeling agency Grace and Galor and reportedly loves posing for a camera.

There are many biracial child models who are taking over the world with their beauty. If you think your kid has a shot at modeling, take clear photos of him or her in a variety of poses.

Bring those photos to only a reputable agency and never leave your child alone during photoshoots to make sure he or she is safe and protected physically and emotionally. Good luck!

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