She’s Making History: Super Proud Daddy Supports 9-Year-Old Double Amputee Daughter In Storming The Fashion World

Date November 6, 2019 17:11

A double amputee girl from Birmingham challenged the world’s views on fashion when she modeled to prove that it is time the fashion world recognized the disabled community.

For most of us, wearing fashionable clothes is as easy as putting it on and seeing if it fits. But for disabled people, a lot more goes into the decisions to find appropriate clothes for daily wear. Statistics show that at least 7 percent of Americans have difficulty moving, a challenge that affects the clothes they choose to wear.

The 9-year-old girl is a double amputee, but she catwalks!

Daisy-May Demetre looks like an ordinary girl but when she hits the catwalk, she unleashes her "inner beast" as a fashion model. The fearless schoolgirl, who had her legs amputated when she was only 18-months-old, grew up with the notion that she was not like other girls.

From a young age, Daisy learned to use prosthetic legs and as she got older, she learned that her disability was a blessing in disguise. With help from her dad, Daisy ventured into the fashion industry and to her surprise, she was a natural.

Walking on NHS blades, Daisy has modeled for big fashion brands like Nike, Boden, and River Island with her debut at the New York Fashion Week considered historical.

At only 9, Daisy is believed to be the first child double amputee to ever strut her stuff on the legendary runway. But Daisy, who also received an invitation from the Paris Fashion Week, remains humble in all her success.

Speaking to the Sun, Daisy noted that while she has attracted a lot of attention, she only hopes to inspire others.

I don’t think I’m inspirational, but I would like to inspire other people… My message would be, ‘Don’t let ­anything hold you back. Just do what you can do.

Before she was born, Daisy’s parents, Claire Reid and Alex Demetre, learned that their child’s legs were not fully formed. The specialists told the parents that amputation was the best way to deal with it.

You can leave the legs on but they won’t be functioning… Those that don’t go for amputations have to be maneuvered about by other people.

Many years later, the parents learned that they made the right decision as being an amputee never stopped their daughter from dreaming big. In just a short time, Daisy’s fighting spirit and energy helped her become a renowned model and gymnast.

How to help your child cope with limb loss

Daisy-May Demetre’s story proves that losing a limb is never the end, as a child can still learn to live a normal life. Some tips on how a parent can help their kids cope with the loss of a limb include:

  • Educating yourself on amputation and prosthesis to ensure the changes are as natural as they can be.
  • Preparing the child for the reactions of other kids and adults.
  • Encouraging your child to share their thought and feelings.
  • Establishing a support system to aid your child in their journey.

She’s Making History: Super Proud Daddy Supports 9-Year-Old Double Amputee Daughter In Storming The Fashion WorldCGN089 /

While no parent wishes their child to undergo amputation, through resilience and understanding, the changes can be managed. Daisy-May Demetre was able to pursue her dreams in the fashion world because her parents gave her all the support she needed, proving that love conquers all.