4-Year-Old Girl With Down's Syndrome Took The Catwalk By Storm During A Fashion Show For Disabled Models

Date December 3, 2019

A little girl with Down’s syndrome stole the spotlight during a fashion show for disabled models. People in attendance were mesmerized by the girl’s beauty and incredible charm.

Rising star

Down’s syndrome diagnosis is not an obstacle to make your dreams come true. On the contrary, the disease should give you a much stronger motivation to move on and reach goals.

Francesca Rausi from Malta knows this firsthand because she was born with Down’s syndrome. When Francesca was just 4 years old, she took part in the fashion show for disabled models.

Francesca joined famous model Madeline Stuart for a catwalk. Madeline is a real star in the fashion world. She made her mission to raise awareness about models with Down’s syndrome and to encourage people with disabilities to join the fashion industry.

4-year-old Francesca was over the moon to join her idol Madeline for the catwalk. The little girl mesmerized everyone with her charming smile.

Francesca’s mother Michelle told about her daughter’s interest in modeling:

Francesca has been modelling since she was very young. She loves it and was the first toddler in Malta to take part in a modelling competition and won junior top model.

Michelle launched an Instagram channel for her daughter where she shares new stunning photos of the little model.

Kids with Down’s syndrome

It’s very important for parents to inspire their kids with Down’s syndrome to follow their dreams and develop in diverse areas.

If parents feel enthusiastic and have high expectations about their disabled kids, their offsprings will be motivated to make their dreams come true and overcome any life challenges.

Offer your help and support to your child no matter what! Kids with Down’s syndrome are just like the rest of us and shouldn’t be treated any different!

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