Grieving Couple Gave Little Girl A Special Ring At Disney World And Now Her Parents Are Searching For Them To Learn Their Story

Date November 19, 2019 17:51

The Geiselman family had a surreal experience at Walt Disney World at the hands of a grieving couple that recently lost their daughter. Here's their story.

Magical moment at Disney World

Kyle and Kara Geiselman shared a story of their daughter Belle's chance encounter with two people that gave her a very special gift.

The grieving couple ran into Belle accidentally and asked Kyle if they can give the girl something. Surprised Kyle said yes and they proceeded to give Belle a gold Mickey ring. The couple explained that they were commemorating one year after their late daughter's Make-a-Wish trip.

On that trip, the couple bought two gold Mickey rings: one to keep for themselves, and the other one to give someone that “was adorable like their little girl,” as Kara Geiselman shared in a viral Facebook post.

Kyle and Kara were speechless and couldn't express how much the gesture meant to them. What the grieving couple didn't know, is that Belle was a survivor herself. She needed a feeding tube until 18 months and the doctors consider it a miracle that she survived.

Kara wrote:

The fact that they choose Belle without knowing her struggles in life brings tears to my eyes. They didn’t know that we were back at the place where our daughter surprised us all and starting eating by mouth for the first time at 18 months old, or that this trip was the first time she traveled to Disney without needing a feeding tube for nourishment or an Oxygen mask on the flight.

She added at the very end:

This little gold Mickey Mouse ring will forever be kept as a priceless gift and always cherished.

Now, Kyle and Kara are looking to reconnect with the couple that was so kind to their 4-year-old girl to tell them her story and learn about their late daughter.

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@Kim Allen:

Is someone chopping onions???? 😢. Beautiful, just beautiful.

@Melinda Colon Cox:

This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful moment and how special that your two families found each other at such a special place. I hope you find them (sharing) 💕

@Melissa Cavanaugh:

What a gift that encounter was for both of your families ❤️ I hope you find them!

@Amelia Cushing Crimmins:

I love this story Kara Geiselman! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I hope you find the couple. What an incredible story.❤️

We really hope the Geiselmans find the couple, let's help spread the word!