‘Double Standards:’ 8-Year-Old Model Is Forced To Cut His Precious Hair Because Of School Rules

Date January 24, 2020

Farouk James has something every girl is dreaming about – long, luscious hair. The boy’s impressive mane has become his trademark and helped him to get into the modeling world.

Farouk James became a child model when he was just 9 months old. At 8, he already worked for Guess and walked catwalks in the world’s fashion capitals.

However, it seems that Farouk’s gorgeous hair is preventing him from getting an education.

Farouk James’s hairstyles are not acceptable for schools

The 8-year-old boy is struggling to continue his education as three secondary schools refused to accept him unless he says goodbye to his long locks.

Farouk James’ mom, Bonnie, is fighting to change the system and trying to get people’s attention to the double standards little boys are facing.

Farouk, who already had lots of hair before he was even born, and Bonnie appeared together on This Morning to discuss the issue. There is a number of “hair rules” in British schools and kids can be expelled for having too short or too long hair.

Bonnie commented:

It’s quite disappointing to hear that these rules are still in place.

The worried mom revealed that her 8-year-old son is not only struggling to get accepted into a school, he also has problems with finding modeling jobs as some brands think that his long hair ‘can take away the attention from the clothes.’

People show their support to Farouk


Yep too right Jesus was known to have long hair so it’s double standards that they won’t let a boy with long hair into their religious school.


I think this topic about boys having to cut their hair is absolutely ridiculous. When my dad went to school all the bous had long hair. I don't understand the school's reasoning behind this. I love how Farouk asked the lady if she would cut her hair to work there. such an awesome young boy. Stay strong mama and fight this. I wonder if we can get a petition started to stop this


I love that he is so adamant about not cutting his hair and even more so that you stand by his decision not to cut his hair


I honestly think that some people are jealous and just mean. Just leave the boy and his hair alone! Geese!


Loved your interview... my 3-year old-son has gorgeous long curly hair and I’d be so angry/upset if he was made to cut it off.

Bonnie feels like she has to say that her son is gender-fluid

Farouk’s mother is doing everything she can to change the old rules but it seems that the only option that is left for her is to say that her son is gender-fluid. She commented to The Metro:

Applying for a mixed school, I may just put him down as non-binary.

Farouk’s hair has become a part of his identity and it would be very traumatizing for him to cut it. But he’s not the only one who is faced with a difficult choice. Many young boys are struggling with the same problem.

Those old school rules were made a long time ago and remained intact to keep the schools’ traditions alive. They were created for a different society in order to have a clear differentiation between boys and girls. But are they applicable in the modern world? Should boys be forced to cut their hair even if it became a part of who they are? Let us know what you think.