“He Picked The Wrong House”: 82-Year-Old Woman Bodybuilder Fought Off A Young Burglar Who Broke Into Her House At Night

Date November 26, 2019

Is there an age limit to fitness? An old woman and bodybuilder from Rochester, New York proved to the world that when it comes to fitness, there is no age limit.

Willie Murphy became a powerlifter in her 70s

Willie Murphy has always wanted to have a little edge in life and in her 70s, she started lifting weights to keep fit. After joining a fitness center, the retired social worker began to get more confident as a powerlifter and little by little, she became a crowd favorite.

At 77-years-old, Willie Murphy could comfortably do one-handed pullups, pushups, and deadlift 225 pounds, an impressive fete that earned her the WNPF 2014 Lifter of the Year award in 2014.

82-year-old Willie Murphy fights an intruder at her home

Recently, 82-year-old Willie Murphy made her way back into the headlines when she fought off an intruder who broke into her home. WHAM reported that at 11 p.m., a man knocked on Murphy’s door, saying that he was sick.

Please call an ambulance… I’m sick, I’m sick.

Murphy, who was caring enough, called the police but as a precaution, denied the stranger entry into her home. This is when the man broke her door down.

He picked the wrong house to break into.

While Murphy’s weightlifting achievements made her famous, it seems that one young man didn’t get the memo early enough. What transpired was a beat down where Murphy scored some major points.

With her wooden table, Murphy pounded on the stranger one hit after another, until the table broke. When the man was down on the floor, the senior also grabbed a bottle of shampoo, and a broom, ordinary tools that she used as lethal weapons in the one-sided battle where the bad guy lost big.

When the police arrived, the only thing that had to be done was to send the humiliated intruder to the hospital after getting the beating of his life.

People applauded Willie Murphy’s heroic actions

Many who heard Murphy's story praised for her heroic deed that showed the “bad guy” who’s boss!

This stranger had picked the wrong house, a lesson he learned painfully. Murphy’s actions proved that there is no limit to what we can do at any age if we are willing to stand up and fight against evil.

What do you think of Willie Murphy’s actions? She is a real-life superhero!

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