12-Year-Old Dancer Merrick Hanna Wows Judges As He Turns Into Robot During Captivating Dance Performance

Date December 10, 2019

What do we know about Merrick Hanna? The 12-year-olf is actually a professional dancer and actor. His first serious stage role was in two of Shakespeare’s hits Much Ado About Nothing and A Winter's Tale.

Even though he’s pretty good as an actor, Hanna’s heart belongs to dancing. The youngster’s talent was discovered after he went viral on social media.

The viewers will recognize Merrick Hanna from America's Got Talent competition where he showed off his incredible dancing skills.

Merrick Hanna’s incredible dance performance

Hanna’s passion for dancing comes from his grandma, who still takes 4 dance classes a week despite being over 80 years old.

The 12-year-old talent has watched America's Got Talent for quite some time before building enough courage to become the show’s contestant. Merrick auditioned for America's Got Talents 10 and 11 seasons but didn’t get very far.

However, his failures didn’t discourage the young man and he returned for Season 12. This time Hanna was noticed and he was sent to the Judge Cuts.

Merrick’s Semifinals performance was the most incredible thing we’ve seen that day. The young man appeared to be flying at one point! Watch his jaw-dropping performance below.

Despite that Hanna didn’t receive enough votes to get to the Finals, he got himself his first biggest fan – Mel B gave him a standing ovation every time he danced.

Merrick is very young to have any firm plans about his future but he considers a very unexpected career. The youngster is thinking about working in engineering.

Whether or not he will become an engineer in the future, we are certain that he will continue to dance and inspire others with his outstanding talent.

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