Men In Heels: Dancing Trio From Paris Take Judges By Storm With Insane Spice Girls Number

Date December 13, 2019

Men in heels might sound crazy but it’s not a new trend. In 1600-1700, wearing heels was considered to be a status symbol for men, which was very convenient for those who were quite short, like King Louis XIV of France.

However, nowadays a guy in heels might look like a crazy person. Yet, some of them can pull that kind of shoe better than women! Some ladies can’t even walk in heels but there are men who can dance in them.

Yanis Marshall and his amazing choreography

Britain’s Got Talent judges come from very different backgrounds so it’s not surprising that they have different opinions on who should be the show’s winner and get the £250,000 prize, which is over $300,000.

However, one group of dancers completely shocked every single one of them. Yanis Marshal and his team members, Arnaud and Mehdi, made France proud as they performed an insane Spice Girls routine in heels.

What their very impressive performance below:

If you thought that was cool, you have to check out what the talented trio came up with for their semi-finals performance because it will leave you speechless!

Yanis Marshall is an amazing choreographer. His classes in Manhattan’s Broadway Dance Center’s studio are always packed with people who want to know how to dance in heels.

Marshall says he always liked heels because they represent his rebellious side. Now he can’t simply imagine his life without them. Even though the talented choreographer still receives some negativity online, he is not going to stop doing what he loves in the way he loves it.

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