'Autistic Superstars' Diva Carly Ryan Blows Audiences Away With Her Otherworldy Voice And Showstopping Performances

Date December 10, 2019

Carly Ryan blew everyone away with her voice on Autistic Superstars and could challenge many in the current music industry. Let's learn more about this incredible girl.

Who is Carly Ryan?

Carly is an autistic singer who was first diagnosed at the age of 3 when her parents became concerned with her troubled speech and struggles to socialize with others.

When Carly was 7, she showed the world her true colors and started singing. Her mom believes that performing means everything to Carly and she becomes a completely different person on the stage.

Ryan still struggles with social interactions and often fails to respond to simple questions, but her talent speaks for itself.

Carly's incredible performances on 'Autistic Talents'

Every single of Carly's performances on Autistic Talents was absolutely unforgettable, but the one that convinced the judges to make her a part of competition was her rendition of All That Jazz (around 3:50 mark on the video).

Carly literally transforms into a completely different person! She also performs Amy Winehouse's Back To Black (37:10) and we honestly can't choose which song we like more from Ryan.

Carly Ryan is a true inspiration and shows that autism can never get in the way of true talent.