Internet Users Slam “The Voice” For Announcing Jake Hoot As Winner: “Huge Miscarriage Of Justice!"

Date December 18, 2019

Who is The Voice winner in 2019? The show has just announced that this year Jake Hoot received the first prize. The 31-year-old is a former football player who recently became a single dad. He wanted to make his little daughter proud and he surely did!

Jake Hoot went through The Voice's most grueling competition and managed to build a huge collection of admirers thanks to his undeniable talent.

Jake Hoot has always loved music and started performing from a young age and now he has become the winner of The Voice season 17.

But many Internet users don’t agree with the show’s choice

Jale Hoot’s every performance was memorable. He managed to snatch the first prize from Katie Kadan and Ricky Duran. Yet, many The Voice fans think that his victory was not fair.

Social media users believe that it’s Katie Kadan who should have become the show’s winner, not Jake Hoot.

Jake's fans are glad he won

When watching talent shows, we always find our favorite contestants and support them to the very end so it’s normal that not everyone would be happy with Jake’s win. But do you think he got his prize fairly or should Katie Kadan be the one to wear the winner’s crown?

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