So Amazing! Young Dancers With Down Syndrome Wowed The Audience And Judges With Jaw-Dropping Performance

Date December 11, 2019

A group of dancers with Down Syndrome mesmerized the audience of a talent show with their breathtaking performance. You must see it!

Dancers with Down Syndrome vowed the audience

When you have a talent and are not afraid of challenges, nothing can stop you! A group of dancers with Down Syndrome called Flick Flock Danza is vivid proof.

The young talents got standing ovations after their jaw-dropping performance at Spain’s Got Talent. The unusual troupe includes children and adults with disabilities.

The group’s director Susana Alcon is very proud of her rising stars. She admits:

They love dance, it’s their life, they need it, and that’s why they are giving themselves to us.

The Flick Flock Danza dancers got the contest to the next level with their inspiring dance. The judges and everyone in the audience left speechless for a while and then burst into applause.

But less talk, more action! You can watch this incredible performance in the video below.

Fans loved the performance a lot!

@ Claudette Mckinlay

Congratulations for a job well done

@ SueAnn Scheffer

Creatively and beautifully expressed in dance. Prodigious.... Blessings abound always for this dance group. Well done. Congratulations 👏😉👏😎👏

@ Mavis Oxford

Beautiful dancing,good job !!!🇬🇧🇨🇦👍❤️

@ Tami Olson

Absolutely gorgeous 💜🦋

Benefits of dance therapy for Down Syndrome kids

Dancing appears to be very beneficial for people with Down Syndrome, especially for kids. According to professional teacher Portia Abernathy, dancing helps not just develop physical skills but it’s also a good “therapy for the mind and soul.”

The teacher explained that learning different steps helps kids with Down Syndrome recognize directions and stay focused.

A study of the Assumption College in Rome also proved the positive effect of dance moves on the emotional well-being and overall quality of life for children with Down Syndrome.

Kids with Down Syndrome shouldn’t be treated any different. If a child has a passion for dancing, parents should do their best to inspire him/her to develop in this direction.

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