9-Year-Old Girl Who Blew Everyone Away With Her Opera Singing Skills Is All Grown Up And Has Now Become A Massive Star

Date December 11, 2019

When 9-year-old Amira Willghagen stepped onto the Holland's Got Talent stage, people had no clue that in a matter of moments, a star would be made.

Amira's audition took place in October 2013 in front of judges Gordon Heuckeroth, Dan Karaty, and Chantal Janzen. The young girl was as sweet as can be when she shared that she had hopes of becoming a singer someday. She assured the judges that her performance would be worth listening to, and she was right.

She absolutely floored everyone with her performance of Puccini's O Mio Babbino Caro. Hearing such a powerful voice from someone so young was very impressive. And she became an instant favorite.

Check out Amira Willghagen on Holland's Got Talent giving her first audition:

Even though the show took place in Holland, this young lady's talent spread widely. And Simon Cowell even tweeted a shoutout to her, expressing his admiration.

Where's Amira Willghagen now?

It's been about six years since that epic performance and Amira Willghagen, now age 15, has become even more of a star than she was before.

For one thing, Amira went on to win that season of Holland's Got Talent, kickstarting her vibrant musical career. In 2014, she released her debut album which reached Gold status in a matter of weeks. She worked on a couple more albums since then, her website revealed.

In addition, Amira also went on to perform all around the world. She was welcomed by her legion of fans in Germany, the USA, Italy, France, South Africa, the UK, Belgium and so many more.

Amira Willghagen's songs have been very well received by those who support her. And to date, they still keep up with her music.

Another big achievement

Shortly after her audition in 2013, Amira was contacted by world-famous violinist André Rieu. The budding young star was invited to perform with him and his Johann Strauss Orchestra in The Netherlands.

It's obvious that that life-changing audition on the talent show was one of the biggest turning points in Amira's life. Millions of people knew exactly who she was and what beautiful gift she had. Nevertheless, her successes didn't come easily. She had had to work very hard to go from one level to the other.

This young girl became a shining star just by putting herself out there. And she continues to gain fans all over the world who support her every step of the way. She is living proof that sometimes, all you have to do is hold on to your talents and anything can be yours.