Simon Cowell Rudely Interrupts Girl's Audition But She Fires Back At Him And Gets Sent To Semi-Finals

Date December 13, 2019

Simon Cowell is Britain's Got Talent’s toughest judge – we know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Even becoming a father for the first time hasn’t softened the 60-year-old media mogul.

Once even the viewers called out on him for being ‘rude’ to some of the show’s contestant. Cowell asked an all-female dance group who had picked the music and added that they didn’t make the right choices.

Simon can unleash his insults not only on adults but on children as well. However, when he tried to intimidate 16-year-old Jodi Bird, the youngster fired back.

Jodi Bird’s audition

Jodi Bird, a young singer from Penarth, was given a chance to let people hear her wonderful voice. Yet, that chance was almost taken by Simon Cowell. When she started singing Rain on my Parade, she was rudely interrupted by Cowell because he was bored.

The scariest BGT judge said:

I can’t listen to that. Can I hear something else a little less smiley and just a better song? What else have you got?

The other judges completely disagreed with Simon and asked Jodi to finish her song. Despite the interruption, the teen pulled herself back together and fired back at Cowell in the best way possible – she carried on her song and received a standing ovation. She also got four yeses, even from Cowell.

What her performance bellow:

The young star was sent to semi-finals where Jodi Bird sung Let It Go. She didn’t win the competition in the end, but she did get to the top 3.

Jodi Bird - where is she now?

What is Jodi Bird up to in 2019? She has grown up quite a bit but still continues to follow her passion – singing.

She has a YouTube channel where she uploads her songs to the joy of her fans.

Jodi successfully proved that even Simon Cowell can be wrong sometimes! We wish her the best of luck and hope to hear more of her wonderful voice in the future.

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