25-Year-Old Vet Nurse Student Celebrates Special Bond With Her Sister, Who Has Williams Syndrome, With Stunning Makeover

Date October 28, 2019 16:31

You cannot underestimate the importance of a good hairstyle and makeup. Just a little bit of changes in makeup, and hair, can make anyone look absolutely incredible.

This is exactly what happened to Alexandra Birch who has Williams Syndrome. Her older sister, Victoria allowed her to do her hair and makeup to celebrate their bond as sisters.

The 25-year-old vet nurse student lives in a small southern town. She is also a lifestyle vlogger who has a YouTube channel called Victoria Birch.

Alexandra’s makeover

Victoria got to see the beauty hidden underneath her sister, Alexandra who has Williams Syndrome. This came after she agreed to have her hair and makeup done.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, the nursing student explained that family members wanted her to do her sister’s hair and makeup.

According to Victoria, it took a while to convince Alexandra to agree but she had fun throughout the whole process.

The nursing student and her sister sure deserved to have something special to celebrate their bond. And by the end of it, Victoria’s sister with the makeover looked so pretty that she didn't even look like herself.

As sisters, Victoria and Alexandra have a very close relationship. The vlogger says her younger sister having Williams Syndrome affects their lives only in a positive way.

In the end, the girl couldn’t stop smiling when she saw her face! What do you think of Alexandra’s transformation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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