"I Was Called Horrible Things:" Woman With Nevus Covering Almost Half Her Face Coped With Harsh Words But Eventually Accepted Herself

Date October 29, 2019 13:18

One of the most difficult things about life is when you have to cope with an obvious issue that makes you look different from most people.

There's a condition known as congenital melanocytic nevus which Nathalia Moraes is no stranger to. This refers to a birthmark made up of benign melanocytes that appear at birth or shortly after birth.

According to Dermnetnz, this form of nevus can also be known as brown birthmark and they vary in sizes.

Nathalia's story

Nathalia was born with this condition which caused her to have a large birthmark that covered 40% of the right side of her face.

Due to her facial scars, Nathalia had to suffer through people judging her based on her appearance. Thankfully, her mother and stepfather continued to try and help her see the beauty in herself.

While sharing her story with LoveWhatMatters, Nathalia said that things got really bad when she started going to elementary school.

Kids were very cruel and the school system was even more problematic. I was called horrible things like ‘ugly face’ and ‘monster’.

She was always reminded that she didn't look normal and eventually, she agreed with the children who called her names. She didn't tell her mother about the bullying because she felt it was something she should figure out on her own.

All these harsh words took a toll on her until she eventually realized that image wasn't everything and her condition was "merely cosmetic."

It’s just the way I look, it does not define me.

As soon as she decided to embrace herself, things became much easier. Even though the teasing never fully stopped, Nathalia became more confident in terms of how she reacted to it. Life went on, she made new friends and even had her first boyfriend.

Then in 2018, she started sharing her story and her journey to self-acceptance. Over time, she became an inspiration for people who had their own physical challenges. They see what Nathalia has been able to achieve and they felt their own confidence soar.

Do you have a similar struggle

Congenital nevi usually don't result in physical and health problems and in most cases, treatment isn't required. According to Healthline, you can speak to your doctor if you want to better understand your options as sometimes, surgery can help, depending on the size and type of nevus.

Accepting yourself when you're going around with an obvious facial scar can be very difficult. Truly, people can be cruel. But this remains the case even if you're perfect. So the first step to true happiness is to understand you have no control over what people say. But you can control your own reaction and your mindset regarding what some may consider as flaws.

Embrace yourself and the world will have no choice but to embrace you too.

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