Kate Garraway From ‘Good Morning Britain’ Lost 2 Stones After Cutting One Food Group Out Of Her Diet – Sweets

Date November 20, 2019 18:06

Kate Garraway from Good Morning Britain recently stunned the public with her incredible weight loss. The 52-year-old host looked phenomenal during the I’m A Celebrity filming, showing off her new gorgeous figure.

Kate Garraway has been losing weight slowly but steadily. It’s believed that she shed 2 stones recently which is not a small amount. But how did she do it?

Kate Garraway’s weight loss secret

Ahead of the show, Kate Garraway has lost quite a lot of weight. The drastic change didn’t hide away from the viewers and many people started asking what is Kate’s weight loss diet?

The presenter revealed her secret to Fit & Well magazine. She shared that she slimmed down by cutting one food group of her eating plan.

Garraway explained:

I tried different popular diets and realised, because of the crazy shifts I do, I regulated my energy with sugar bursts. I don’t think I ate a lot of sugar but by 8am I’ve always had loads of chocolate.

Kate also added that she doesn’t drink caffeine anymore, too. Moreover, the TV host replaced bad food with good food and now she eats lots of avocados. Whatever she did definitely helped her as she looks fantastic now.

Here are some ways to lose weight without diet or exercise

It’s possible to shed some extra pounds without restricting yourself or sweating your dinner off in the gym. According to Healthline, chewing food thoroughly and drinking enough water can help.

Kate Garraway From ‘Good Morning Britain’ Lost 2 Stones After Cutting One Food Group Out Of Her Diet – SweetsAfrica Studio / Shutterstock.com

It’s also beneficial to have enough sleep and eat smaller plates than usual. However, if you want some drastic changes, it’s advisable to create a healthy eating plan and have a regular exercise routine.

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