“I Love How I Look And Feel”: Grandmother Of 3 Shares How Bodybuilding Made Her More Confident In Herself

Date November 27, 2019

Bodybuilding has been around for ages and for big film stars like the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, bulging muscles and a rock-hard physique can easily turn profitable.

But while male bodybuilders are considered attractive, when it comes to women, the opinion shifts as things get a little scary. A woman bodybuilder will often find herself at the end of not so pleasant jokes, that might point out the oddness of her body. To many, female bodybuilders are just not attractive!

As a bodybuilding grandmother, Robin Hillis is aware of what society thinks of women who weightlift but she’s still comfortable doing it because it gives her confidence.

Grandmother of 3 is a bodybuilder and she’s proud!

Robin Hillis from Ontario, Canada, is not your everyday female correctional officer as she stands at 5ft 9in, weighs an impressive 200lbs, and packs 17 inches in biceps! What was her motivation to become a bodybuilder?

The 48-year-old's journey started right after school after she joined a gym to ensure that she did not get out of shape. Sharing with Daily Mail, the mother of 2 said that bodybuilding gave her a new lease of life.

Before this I was quiet, shy and a bit awkward with normal insecurities kids have… Now I love how I look and feel. I am very confident and enjoy life and still love to laugh.

With hard work and consistency, Robin gradually realized that bodybuilding was her passion and she kept at it with incredible discipline.

When she was pregnant with her daughters, she did not stop exercising and when she was raising the beautiful girls, she still made time for her trips to the gym.

When they were younger, I would go to the gym when they were in school or bed and prep my meals before they woke up.

Many years later, Robin’s daughters, who are in their 20s are now mothers too, which makes the impressive bodybuilder a grandmother to 3.

Her message to women would be to always be patient and to always keep believing in whatever goals they set. Having faith in yourself is the first step to conquering your weakness.

Benefits of bodybuilding for women

Robin Hillis’ impressive achievements are admirable, to say the least as she represents the current shift in attitudes as more women embrace bodybuilding as a path to fitness.

Some of the benefits of bodybuilding include:

  • Increased bone density: the pull motion from muscles stimulates bone growth.
  • Faster metabolism: having muscles increases the number of calories you burn, even in rest.
  • Improved posture: weights strengthen the backside of the body which improves posture.
  • Shape without bulk: even when not going for big muscles, a nice hour-glass figure comes easily.
  • Quality of life: exercise leads to better sleep, increased energy levels, control, and independence.

Gaining muscles over 40

For women over 40, gaining muscles can seem impossible but if you have the grit and determination, it’s possible to gain your best form yet in no time.

When training, you need to focus on warm-up through cardio. Increasing your blood flow is important for maintaining a core temperature that is optimal for exercise. Then if lifting, keep your repetition ranges between 8-12 for upper body and 12-20 for the lower body. Since big weights put a lot of stress on joints and ligaments, rep ranges need to be considered carefully.

With age, working out means using a combination of free weights and machines since there is a bigger need to reduce the risks of injury. Take care of your posture since your body will take more time to heal than when you were younger.

Finally, give your body time to heal and recover. You will have to go to the gym for fewer days than you used to before.

Do you think women who lift weights can still be attractive? Is bodybuilding any different from yoga as a path to fitness?

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