Why Coordinating White Clothes With White Underwear Is A Mistake And What To Wear Instead?

Date April 26, 2019 18:24

Now that summer is on its way, you can finally sport your favorite white dresses, pants, tops, and shorts. But there’s one problem: What to wear underneath?


Surely, you will not wear colorful or black underwear under a white blouse or white shorts. But, surprisingly, white bras and panties are not a good choice as well!

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Well, it might seem rational that if you don’t want others to see your underwear through your clothes, you should make it the same color. But wearing white bras and panties under white clothing will only make them look more opaque and visible.

So, what is the solution?


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The answer is pretty simple: You should opt for nude underwear. It will not stand out. Instead, it will blend into your skin, as if you’re not wearing anything underneath!


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Of course, even nude underwear can show up due to stitches. So you might need to pay more attention to seamless bras and panties. This way, you will make sure there are no visible lines.

How to choose nude underwear?

It’s also important to choose the right shade of nude. It should match your own skin color not to show up.


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If you can’t decide between two colors, go for the slightly lighter one. It will look better under sheer and semi-sheer dresses and blouses.


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To figure out which shade will compliment you, you can also check the color of your inner forearm. This area is likely to be your natural, sun-untouched skin tone.

What’s your favorite way to style white clothing?

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