3/4 Length Sleeves, Sheer Tops, And Other 6 Stylish Ways To Cover Flabby Arms In Summer

Date May 8, 2018 18:25

Many of us want a perfectly shaped body. But even if you have a slim waist and thin legs, your arms might not talk about the same success story. Flabby arms are a disappointing problem many women face.

So what can we do about them?

It’s easy to cover flabby arms with sleeves in winter. But there are also wonderful ways to hide them even in the hottest weather!

1. Wearing 3/4 length sleeves.


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We’re mostly concerned about the upper part of our arms. So, a good solution is to opt for 3/4 length sleeves. They will cover the flabby arms, but will also highlight your wrists and make you look slimmer!

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2. Pushing and rolling up sleeves.


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But what if you can’t find a 3/4 length top of your dream? You can simply roll or push up the sleeves of your shirts and sweaters.

3. Wearing sheer clothes.


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This solution will help you to have a stylish and airy look, while your arms will be all covered up. Just opt for clothes made of semi-sheer linen or chiffon.

4. Wearing wide sleeves.


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In summer, many people avoid long sleeves because it’s too hot in them. But you can try tops with long and wide sleeves. They will cover the problem area, and will not be as hot as tops with tight sleeves.

5. Showing a hint of skin.


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Instead of showing your upper arm, try showing your shoulders instead. You can play with off-the-shoulder tops and look glamorous. Or consider a cold-shoulder top.

6. Rocking lace sleeves.


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Why not opt for fun and feminine top with lace sleeves? This way, you can both cover and highlight your arms.

7. Saying “No” to short sleeves.


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Stay away from clothes that expose any point between your elbow and shoulder. By wearing such tops, you will only draw attention to your problem.

8. Throwing something on.


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If you don’t like the solutions above, you can wear a cute jacket, cardigan, or wrap.

What is your preferred style?

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