Body Language Mistakes At Work: Your Body Never Lies About You

Date May 24, 2018

How often do you accuse your boss of ignoring your hard work and keeping you away from the promotion? Well, perhaps, that is the last thing you should do if you really want to get a higher rank on the career ladder. Let us tell you a small secret – your boss is always watching you, and that is why you fail to promote. Your wrong behavior shows what kind of person you are and prevents from receiving so desired perks.

Our body language may serve as the best friend as well as the bitterest enemy. That is all because it never lies. However, you may learn to use it correctly to get the most of it. Therefore, your working body language should be something your boss would like to observe, and it will eventually earn you better working opportunities.

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Let’s start with relaxing. Imagine a calm evening, your comfy sofa, and the most comfortable pose you might have ever had. People are trying to bring such relaxation to work; however, little do they know it is their biggest mistake. Your workplace is not your home; you must stick to the peculiar pose even if you are trying to rest. Make your boss believe you feel cozy even in the office chair.

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Private space

The etiquette rules say: Regardless of how friendly you are with your colleagues, they all have their personal space. Under no circumstances should you invade their privacy when having a conversation. A healthy distance usually is about 3-8 feet from a person. Make your boss feel comfortable once, and next time he/she will indulge you.


Stay interested

Never show your boredom. Don’t even try to show how tedious your work is. Moreover, complaining about your duties to a chief will decrease your chances to get a promotion, as nobody would like to have a worker who doesn’t like the job. Keep yourself interested, and you will see how your boss enjoys it.

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Work family

Your colleagues are your second family. Distancing from them means abandoning your family and living alone. Hardly ever can people achieve big tops on their own. That is why try to show your leadership skills and act as a people’s person. Not only is it more enjoyable to work in a team, but it will definitely be beneficial for your career.

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Feeling invloved

Checking your time during the conversation is one of the rudest behavior acts possible. It shows your disrespect to a person and means you got bored with the conversation. Every time you feel the desire to look at your phone, suppress it and remember, people will treat you the way you treat them.


Hopefully, with the help of these easiest tips, your working routine will become less tedious. If controlled thoroughly, your body language will become of a great help on your way to success.

Therefore, control the way you act and treat other people right – that is the key to your wishes.

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