Most Efficient Way To Preserve Your Bread Soft And Fresh Requires Only Cold Environment

Date May 7, 2018 16:49

Fresh bread on the shelves can’t leave anybody untouched. The smell of recently baked loaves is incomparable. However, this delicious image dissolves as soon as the bread gets cold and can even turn into a horrible odor within a day if stored inappropriately.

How long?

With the modern hectic living pace, people’s life is impossible without preservatives that make the food live much longer. The bread is not an exception. The various methods of its preparation define the expiration date from one day to several weeks.

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An average bakery loaf lives for up to three days if stored in a shady cold environment. Packaged bread and bagels can exist longer – up to seven days. If you decided to store cooked dough, be prepared to use it within two hours, otherwise, it will be unsuitable for consumption.

You may ask, what about several weeks? The answer lies in the method of storing.

Storing process

The refrigerator is a miraculous device, allowing people to keep their food fresh and stop the staling process. Bread is a perfect candidate to be saved in cold environment. Everything that you might need is a zip-top bag, trying to eliminate as much air as possible.

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Put the packed loaf into the freezer. Whenever you would like to taste the freshest bread and have no desire to visit the local supermarket – just take the frozen bread and warm it in the microwave. Such way of preserving can keep the product fresh for up to three month! Another great idea is to slice the loaf into small pieces to get rid of the necessity to unfreeze the entire loaf.

Most popular food

Bread is perhaps the most widespread product in the American household. It can be used almost with anything and will taste ideally.

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According to the statistics based on the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey 11.73 million American citizens bought five or more bread loaves during a week in 2017.

What about you? Do you consume bread often? What is your favorite food combination with the bakery products? Share your impression with us in the comments.

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