Snake Attack! What You Should And Shouldn’t Do If You Were Bitten By A Snake?

Date July 5, 2018

You’ve just been bitten by a snake – what do you need to do? Your next steps can literally save your life. We have collected everything you should know about snake bites and how to prevent them.

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How To Prevent Snake Bites


Most snakes are scared of humans, but it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t fight to protect themselves. Here are some tips on what you should do to prevent the snake from biting you.

1. Knowledge is power.

Learn about snakes that are native to the area you live in or travel to. It’s important to know about both the venomous and non-venomous ones and how to distinguish them.

2. Watch where you walk.

Try to avoid areas with tall grass and bush. Instead, walk on clear paths where you can see where you step.

3. Dress for protection.

When you are out in the wilderness, make sure to dress accordingly. Wear loose fitting long pants and never go barefoot.

4. Take care of your home.

Make sure to keep the grass short and trim the trees. Also, seal the cracks in your home to prevent snake form entering.

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What To Do When You Got Bitten By A Snake?

You have been cautious and protecting yourself but you still got bitten, what to do?

  • resist from washing the bite and sucking the venom out – it is vital to retain traces of it;
  • don’t apply high tourniquet – it is not effective and can be fatal when released;
  • place a folded pad over the wound and bandage it firmly to prevent the venom from spreading;
  • don’t try to walk or move your limbs;
  • call an ambulance immediately.

Warning: Snakes Might Be Hiding In Your Pool Noodles

Fire department in Arizona worn people that snakes can be hiding in pool noodles. After some research, it was discovered that some types of snakes like to lay eggs inside the pool noodles that left outdoors. If you encounter a rattlesnake, stay calm and still. And remember, try not to panic, chances are the snake will slither off as soon as it comes down.

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