Small But Genius Clothespin Hacks That Can Make A Big Difference In Your Life

Date May 4, 2018

When it comes to keeping a space tidy and clutter-free, repurposing household items is the way to go. But, keeping a space smart isn't an option a lot of people are willing to try because their ideas about space organisation is often quite traditional.

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A fun touch

These days, there are a ton of hacks and it can become hard to keep up, but if you are looking to add a fun touch to a space that has been a source of concern, a clothespin can work all the feug shui magic you need. What's more, you can also use it as a personal styling aid.

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True. Clothespins don't look like much and they are associated with hanging clothes on clothlines. But, there is a lot that a clothespin can do when it is taken out of its traditional form.

Repurposing the clothespin

The key word is repurposing, and these are a few things you can do with a good old clothespin:

Hairstyling aid

This is a tad unconventional, but yes, you can use clothespins to hold up your hair during a self-styling session.

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Funtime with the kids

If you are looking for a fun way to occupy your children, you can both make fun superhero characters from clothespins.

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Fastener for clothes

This is not for the fainthearted, but a few brave people have been known to ditch belts / every other type of fastner, for clothespins. It may not earn you points from anyone, but you would make a streetstyle statement for sure.


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A touch of DIY

This is a favourite. Hang a few fun pictures up on a line with clothespins.

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It adds the perfect DIY touch to a space. Plus you get to see the people you love and the memories you have made with them all the time.

Art corner

In place of family pictures, you could make an art corner or daily planner. Your call. Just have fun with it.

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It's the little things

There's no telling how much these little personal touches can do to change how you feel about your space. /

Falling in love with your home has very little to do with luxury and everything to do with the experiences and memories associated with the space.

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