Spooky Season On! 5 Best Ideas For Halloween Nail Art Designs

Date October 18, 2018

Everybody knows it'll be Halloween soon! Yay! And being a female is more an invocation than relief, so the beauty knows its duty, right?

Easy tips on how to make a Halloween nails art if you are a beginner

Nail art design can be challenging, especially when you have no idea what to do, what design to choose, and why you even do it. But trust us, this video will help you to get some adorable ideas to make your nails pretty.

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And here slightly spooky designs if you plan to scare your friends off.


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No worries, no worries, we've got other trendy designs for upcoming Halloween!

1. Elegant red matte with shiny gold spiders and their web


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2. Bloody romance


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3. Dark city a-la Leonardo da Vinci


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4. Spooky skeletons with roses


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5. Spiderweb with white & purple flowers


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The best colors for women 50+ to make nails look outstanding and hands - younger

Inevitably, every woman over 50 wants to look eye-catching in absolutely everything, including nail art. Thus, it's necessary to know appropriate colors to make nails and hands look on the top of the range.

If you think that red makes you too cocky for your age, screw it. Don't think in this way. On the contrary, reddish colors will make your nails much butter rather than nude or pale ones. Burgundy, red, pinky, brownish, plum, etc. will make nails brighter, and it'll be fluttering. Indeed, you can combine bright and 'cold' colors, but draw more attention to the vivid ones.


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Here's also a simple manicure procedure that will stand your nails out. Check it out!

Tidy, colorful nails are the head start to confuse people about your age. Try it, and you'll see by yourself.

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