Secrets Revealed: Meghan Markle's Former Hair Stylist Has The Inside Scoop On The Duchess' Products

Date July 23, 2018 18:07

Meghan Markle may have been quite popular before she was engaged to Prince Harry, but more people began paying attention to her after the engagement. Back in April, Marie Claire kicked up a storm in Twitter when they published a whole article about Markle and a strand of grey hair that appeared in a picture of her.

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Ironically, fans of the royal couple were far from pleased, some even calling out Marie Claire for wasting their energy on a single strand of grey hair. In spite of the incident, the Duchess’ public image is still quite strong and her hair looks brilliant most of the time. So how does she manage it?

The Duchess is part African-American and has naturally kinky hair, but she has not worn it any other way but straight for several years. Last November, former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford shared a post on Twitter calling Markle to get her hair kinky again. Sadly, the campaign fell flat.

Well, her secret is finally out. Lydia F. Sellers is the professional hairstylist who worked with Markle for two years before she moved to the U.K. During a May interview with Refinery29, she gave readers a peek into the hair routine the Duchess used to maintain her dark locks.

First, she said Markle was a big fan of the Kérastase Oleo Relax collection. Sellers revealed that the products worked great to keep hair from getting dry and frizzy. In addition, they would use straighteners to keep her naturally kinky hair straight or add some curls to it as the need arose.


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For volume, Markle preferred Oribe's volumizing spray and Kevin Murphy's Smooth Again lotion. Alternatively, she would use Kérastase treatment to achieve the same lustrous effect.


Hair types differ from head to head but it seems the Duchess found what worked for her. Since she moved to the U.K., there is no telling if she has kept her beloved products. So, if you think you have the same hair type as the Duchess, why don’t you give these products a shot. You just might get that brilliant royal hair look.

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