Remember That! 10 Things You Might Be Doing That Can Kill Your Memory In The Long Run

Date November 19, 2018

Anyone can be in danger of suffering from a memory loss. It might be minor and attributed to simple forgetfulness, or it might be the cause of a much serious illness. 

While brain disorders are beyond our control, there are general things that can help to improve memory.

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If you're concerned about losing your mind sharpness with age, then there are a few things you might be neglecting that could help you battle memory loss and keep your brain toned. 

1. No vitamins or fruits

Vitamin E and B12 are the best supplements to keep your memory in check. In addition, fruits are full of other useful things, which improve your cognitive functions and, subsequently, overall health.

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2. No hobbies or creativity

You need to feed your brain, and we're not talking about nutrients. A hobby keeps you engaged and focused, which in turn, positively influences your memory. Even reading is enough to keep your brain toned.

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3. Not reading or learning something before going to bed

If you need to learn something new, try doing it before going to bed. There are usually no other interfering factors, which can distract you, so you'll remember more in the morning. Your brain needs stimulation, and doing it at night can have a stronger effect.

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4. No cute kitten or baby pictures around

Yes, surprisingly, looking at something cute makes your brain focus and the overall cuteness make you feel all happy, which your head enjoys as well.

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5. No milk

According to several studies, adults who consume dairy products five to six times a week do better at memory tests than the rest. So it's not too late to start today.

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6. Not speaking out loud

If you need to remember something, say it to yourself. Speaking out loud important things will make it stick, so it's also a great trick if you need to learn a difficult word or a list.

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7. Not learning numbers

Again, stimulate your brain. The more you train yourself, the better your memory will be with age. Try remembering telephone numbers of your family and friends.

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8. No green tea

Green tea is rich with antioxidants that prevent age-related illnesses, and it contains a vitamin that can directly improve your memory. 

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9. Unhealthy food

Veggies have all kinds of vitamins and omega acids that load your brain with all the good stuff, which helps your memory stay sharp for long years.

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10. No chocolate

Isn't it the best part? Who doesn't love chocolate? It's doctor approved for the memory, so enjoy yourself!

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Memory loss is no longer associated with only old age. There are so many factors that influence deterioration of the mind, and, luckily, now you know how to battle them.

Do you have any tricks to fight memory loss that work for you? Share with us in the comments!

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