Embarrassing History? Delete Your Facebook Messages At Once Using Browser Extensions

Date January 29, 2019

Depending on how frequently you use Facebook, the messages can stack into an overwhelming history. An incredible mess can occur in very short terms. And most certainly, no one likes to scroll over the message history that formed over the years of communication. You might try to delete those messages manually, but that will surely cost you way too much time. That’s why it would be wiser to use an app specially designed for that purpose. Don’t you know that nowadays, we have an app nearly for every single task?

Embarrassing History? Delete Your Facebook Messages At Once Using Browser ExtensionsDenys Prykhodov /

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Facebook fast delete messages extension

We have a lot of options to choose from pretty much in every aspect of our lives. In case of deleting Facebook messages, the situation is pretty much the same. Whether you are using a laptop or phone, you can choose from dozens of apps that can help you clean up the mess. So let’s take a closer look at some of the options depending on your platform.

PC browser extension

One of the most convenient ways of deleting the messages on Facebook is by using an extension in your browser. Beware, after you delete the messages, you cannot undo the action. Now that you are aware and still determined to delete those messages, you should download a plugin for your browser. There are many of them on the market: Delete Facebook Messages, Facebook Messenger Cleaner, Fast Delete Facebook Messages, etc. The principle of their work is pretty much the same.

After you download an extension, its icon should appear on the top right of your browser. Click on it and the menu with your options and directions will appear. Simply follow the instruction and within a minute or two you’ll be able to clear your message history.

Embarrassing History? Delete Your Facebook Messages At Once Using Browser Extensionspixinoo /

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How to delete all Facebook messages at once on Android

There’s actually a built-in way for Android users to delete their Facebook messages. Go to the Messanger app, find the conversation you want to delete, tap on it and hold until a new screen pops up. There, among some other features, you should be able to find the “Delete” option. We want to warn you once again. This action is permanent, meaning you will not be able to recover your deleted conversations.

If you want to delete some specific messages, go to the dialog screen, tap on one of the messages you want to delete and hold for a few seconds. The check mark should appear. Check every unwanted message and press the “Trash” icon at the bottom. The selected messages will be permanently deleted. Additionally, Facebook Messanger allows you to archive any conversation or message before deleting it.

Embarrassing History? Delete Your Facebook Messages At Once Using Browser ExtensionsPK Studio /

Unfortunately, what happens on the Internet stays there forever. Even if you delete every single message in your Facebook inbox, there’s no guarantee your past is completely gone. Some experts are adamant that Facebook servers basically immortalize your conversations.

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