How To Fix Your Apple Magic Mouse If It Keeps Disconnecting?

Date January 30, 2019

Unfortunately, when it comes to Apple, not every user can brag about the ideal quality. The products surely have an appealing design, friendly interface, and provide you with overall great experience. However, besides the high price tag, constant technical inconveniences make more and more people think twice before buying an Apple product. How many times has your charger broken or the wireless products messed with your nerves thanks to frequent disconnections? Speaking of which, in this article, we will try to help you solve the mysterious disconnections of the Apple Magic Mouse, so stay tuned.

How To Fix Your Apple Magic Mouse If It Keeps Disconnecting?Twin Design /

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Apple mouse keeps disconnecting? Here are the possible reasons and solutions

There are different reasons why your mouse keeps disconnecting. Therefore, the troubleshooting may take a while. Let’s take a close look at the most common causes of this annoying and frustrating issue.

1. Batteries vs. Apple batteries

Some users suggest that the ordinary AA batteries can come in slightly different sizes, which can lead to the batteries move around in your mouse. This, in turn, can lead to a short loss of contact between the battery and plates. Hopefully, this is exactly the reason why your wireless mouse keeps losing connection. Here’s what you can do about it.

The first option is to buy Apple batteries, which would cost you a fortune in comparison to the second option. Or you could simply take a piece of paper or aluminum foil, fold it and place between the batteries. The goal is to minimize the movement of the batteries inside the mouse and prevent any disconnections.

How To Fix Your Apple Magic Mouse If It Keeps Disconnecting?Peter Kotoff /

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2. Corrupted preferences

According to Apple support, another common cause of the disconnecting mouse may be hidden in the wrong Bluetooth preferences. Such issue also occurs with keyboards. Don’t worry, though, you can surely do something about it, if that’s the case.

First, open the Finder window and use “Go to Folder” option. Simply copy and paste the following line: /Library/Preferences/ and click Go. Now move the found file to the Trash. You can now restart your Mac and resync the mouse or keyboard again.

How To Fix Your Apple Magic Mouse If It Keeps Disconnecting?Vasin Lee /

As you can see, solving the crisis is not that hard. However, if the instructions above haven’t helped, it is recommended to visit your closest Apple service center and ask for the help of the specialists. There might be some mechanical issues, which you wouldn’t be able to fix yourself.

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