Most Useful Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys: How To Work More Efficiently

Date January 23, 2019

Although many people would take certain courses, you don’t really have to be a PC expert to master Microsoft Word. This iconic program that helps you write essays, texts, articles, and even books is no more complicated than the order of the letters on keyboards – you just have to get used to it. And after you become more familiar with the main features, you can make the work with the program even more comfortable by using shortcuts. Today, we will show you some of the most useful ones.

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Microsoft Word shortcut keys

Have you ever heard of the term shortcuts? Similar to real-life ones, shortcuts allow you to simplify the work and save your time. By using shortcuts you can simply press a combination of keys on your keyboard to save or print the document, for instance. There are dozens of shortcuts to help you master Microsoft Word. So, without further ado, here are the tips and tricks.

1. “Ctrl + z” – This combination is basically any user’s best friend. Its function is to undo the last thing you did in the program. Typed a wrong word? Just press Ctrl + z.

2. “Ctrl + y” – If the previous shortcut key is the agonist, this one is the antagonist. It redoes the last thing that was undone. The pair of shortcuts is very important to avoid any mistakes in the text.

3. “Ctrl + s” – The shortcut saves the document. Instead of clicking the icon, you can just press this combination. To avoid any possible issues, use this shortcut as often as possible.

4. “F12” – If you want to save your document under a different name, instead of pressing Ctrl + s, simply use F12 function. The “Save As…” window will pop up, where you can change the name.

Most Useful Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys: How To Work More Efficientlyoneinchpunch /

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5. “Ctrl + p” – This shortcut key opens up the print window, where you can customize options and print out the document.

6. “Ctrl + c” – The next combination is a part of arguably the most helpful shortcut series. This one saves the highlighted text into the internal temporary memory (clipboard). Remember, only one text can be saved at the same time.

7. “Ctrl + x” – This shortcut key has the practically similar function. It saves the selected text into the clipboard. However, it also deletes the text, if it is possible.

8. “Ctrl + v” – The last combination of the series pastes the saved text from the clipboard. This shortcut inserts the text right where your insertion point is.

9. “Ctrl + f” – Another important shortcut key in Microsoft Word helps you find the part in the text. It opens the “Find” window, where you type in a word or phrase you want to find in the document.

10. “Alt + F4” – Probably the most useful shortcut key, that can be applied not only to Word, but also to any window and almost any program in the Windows operational system. What it does is that it simply closes the windows and shuts down the programs.

With the knowledge of these shortcut keys, you can understand and use Microsoft Word in so much more efficient way. Many combinations are used in other applications from the Microsoft Office pack or even programs like your browser. We really recommend you memorize these simple shortcut keys.

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