House Renovation: What Is A Brushless Drill Set And Is It Worth Your Money?

Date January 24, 2019

Nowadays, with the incredible amount of different modern instruments, you have to become almost an expert like to be able to use them efficiently. This means that you should know the difference between similar tools, as well as why and where you should use the specific one. We will demonstrate this statement on two different types of drills: brushed and brushless. Let’s dive in.

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What is a brushless drill set: is it worth it?

First of all, a drill is a drill – its function is pretty obvious. However, there are different types of them, which impacts not only the power of the tool, but also its efficiency. Mainly, there are brushless and brushed motor drills. And to understand the difference, you need to know how motors work in general.

Physics wasn’t the easiest nor the most interesting subject at school. However, most of us played with magnets in childhood. Do you remember how the same poles of two magnets would push each other away? On the other hand, different poles attract each other. This is pretty much the basics of every electric motor’s mechanism.

The electric impulses come through special little carbon brushes attached to the opposite sides of the shaft and come in contact with the commutator, which transfers the electric current to the armature. The current creates an electromagnetic field that would force the motor to rotate.

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Brushed motor vs. brushless motor

Brushless motors don’t have those carbon brushes on the shaft. Instead, they usually have a circuit board to control the power of the armature, as well as a special sensor that analyzes the motor’s motion. Although such technology is more expensive, it has certain advantages.

  1. The very first advantage is the ability to control the power. A brushless drill means that the power supply is regulated. This results in way more efficient use of the electric current, which means the battery energy is consumed more rationally.
  2. Brushes produce friction, which results in damage over time. So another advantageous factor, is that in brushless drills, the rotor isn’t in contact with anything, which means such drills are longer-lasting.
  3. Unfortunately, the best brushless drills cost a lot more. Even nowadays, the difference in the price tag is significant. We believe, however, the sensors and circuit boards are surely worthy of that money.

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If you are considering buying a brushless drill set, you should know that the typical one consists of a brushless drill, two batteries, multi-voltage charger, and carry case. Consult with the sellers if you aren’t sure about the specific characteristics of a kit.

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