How To Keep Downloading While Playing On Steam. Is This Even Possible?

Date January 28, 2019

Nowadays, it’s not big of a deal to say that Steam is the biggest online distributor of games in the world. Besides having a convenient interface, frequent sales, and well-thought ratings, Steam has great client functionality. However, the biggest turn-off for some users might be the fact that it stops all downloads during gameplay. This can be especially frustrating for people with a slow or unsteady internet connection. In this article, we will explain how to get around this annoying feature.

How To Keep Downloading While Playing On Steam. Is This Even Possible?HelloRF Zcool /

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Steam download while playing

Steam stops any downloads while you start playing to allow your computer to use all resources for the purpose of the smooth gameplay. This is especially important when you’re playing some online game, where your ping matters the most. Typically, this function is on by default. And though the intentions are good, often times, it should be just turned off. Here’s how you can play Steam games while downloading. The following steps will force Steam to resume any downloads while you are in a game:

  1. Go to your Steam client.
  2. Jump into your “Library.”
  3. Click on “Downloads.”
  4. Do you see this “Resume All” button? You know what to do.

How To Keep Downloading While Playing On Steam. Is This Even Possible?Steam store website by Valve CorporationCasimiro PT /

There’s another great option, which allows you to prevent Steam from stopping your downloads. This is arguably the most convenient way of dealing with this feature for fast PC with stable internet connection owners.

  1. Go to your Steam client.
  2. Click on “Settings” and jump onto the “Downloads” tab.
  3. Check the box that reads “Allow downloads during gameplay.”
  4. Run your game without any worries.

How To Keep Downloading While Playing On Steam. Is This Even Possible?Steam store website by Valve Corporation on a laptopCasimiro PT /

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One of the reasons why Steam has become so popular is because you can customize nearly everything. The discussed in this article issue can be also solved in a very compromising manner, in case you don’t have fast internet. Simply limit the download speed, and you’ll be able to keep downloading while playing your favorite online game without any ping issues.

Go to the Steam settings and select the “Downloads” tab. There you can find a small box that by default reads “No limit.” All you have to do is to simply set a preferred bandwidth. Now, can play your favorite game and keep downloading a new one.

In case you’ve wondered if it is possible to keep downloading a game while your computer is in the sleep mode, unfortunately, the answer is no. Long story short, your computer shuts down most processes, including the communication card. This is exactly the reason why any downloads stop in the sleep mode. And it’s exactly why you can’t blame it on Steam. Enjoy your games, lads!

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