How To Remove Old Cabinets And Revitalize Your Kitchen In 3 Steps

Date January 9, 2019 14:22

Some people live in their houses and don’t bother renewing things not even once through the span of their lives. For most of us, however, apartment renovation happens rather regularly. Once in ten or twenty years, you would want to change those kitchen cabinets. So in case you are ready to do this on your own, we hope this article will help you. Here you will learn how to remove kitchen cabinets without any damage to reuse them later if needed.

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How to remove kitchen cabinets

First things first, if you’ve decided to change your kitchen cabinets, you have to realize that it would be time-consuming. Therefore, be patient and prepare your tools to do the work most efficiently. You will need these helpers:

  • one utility knife;
  • a drill;
  • a pair of gloves;
  • a pair of goggles;
  • some blankets;
  • a plastic bag;
  • a hammer.

You might also want to prepare a trash bag for the debris. Or simply call a cleaning company after you’re done. However, considering you are about to remove your kitchen cabinets, you are most likely to clean it up yourself.

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Step 1

Now you should prepare your kitchen to such tricky procedure. Remember, safety comes first. Therefore, you have to shut off the electricity at the distribution box. Afterward, remove all the lightning and empty the cabinets completely. Then, remove all the adjustable shelves and unscrew the doors to prevent any minor traumas. Don’t forget to check the cabinets for any electrical connections and disconnect them.

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Step 2

After you’ve done the preparations, you can proceed to the actual work. Carefully remove all the screws and put them into the plastic bag. Sometimes, the cabinets are screwed together, so you will need to find a few side screws to separate them. Don’t throw them away. You might need them later, in case you will want to reuse the cabinets.

Step 3

Beware, the cabinets can easily fall off at this point, so you need to support them. That’s why you might want to ask somebody for help. The stronger person should hold the cabinets in place. The next step is to separate the back surface of your cabinets from the wall. Slice the knife through any caulking. And just like that, you are ready to redecorate your kitchen.

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If you are still not sure how to remove your kitchen cabinets yourself, call a specialist. It’s a piece of cake for them, and you’ll save your nerves. Sometimes, the kitchen screams for renovation, so don’t hesitate! By changing things in your house, you are revitalizing your inner self. If you’ve found this article helpful, share it with your friends.

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