How To Become Pro At Coiling Ropes? By Learning Basic Knots

Date January 12, 2019

Whether you really need to learn how to coil a rope and go climbing or want to find out this information simply out of curiosity, it doesn’t really matter, because this skill is super useful in your everyday life. It has been proven by the experience of thousands of people that a rope is best stored in a coil. Say no to tangles and twists, because today you will learn this simple and effective technique.

How To Become Pro At Coiling Ropes? By Learning Basic KnotsLee M Atwater /

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How to coil a rope

Though there are many different ways of coiling a rope, each of them has the same practical goal – to help you prevent twists and, as a consequence, be efficient about your time. Different coil knots require a different level of experience, thus we are starting with arguably the easiest one.

Sailor’s coil knot

  1. Sailor’s hitch is great when you need security. This type of knot is often used during searches and rescues, in scouting, climbing, and sailing, of course.
  2. Make consecutive, roughly equal circles of the rope. Hold the bundle with one hand, and make the circles with the other.
  3. Make one hitch when almost at the end of the rope.
  4. The second hitch goes to the left of the first one and underneath itself.
  5. Pull the end tightly.

How To Become Pro At Coiling Ropes? By Learning Basic KnotsEvelyn Jackson /

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Alpine coil knot

Also known as the mountaineer’s coil, the alpine coil knot is typically used by climbers to prevent mysterious tangles and twists and quickly be able to use the rope when they need it.

  1. First, find the middle of your rope. Some of them have a special marker.
  2. Hold the ends of the rope together and take them in your left arm.
  3. Spread both of your arms and take the rope with your other arm, so that the rope is behind your head, on your neck.
  4. Leave the ends hanging off your neck and take the next part of the rope. Grab the strands with your left hands and combine with the ones behind your back.
  5. Repeat the procedure but starting from the right hand now. (The opposite direction) Do this again and again, until the rope is fully draping over your neck like a scarf.
  6. Take the rope off your neck and use your arm to drape the loops over it.
  7. Take the ends of the rope and wrap around the loops several times and make a bundle. Upwards, not downwards.
  8. Thread the rope ends through the loop and tie the bundle.

How To Become Pro At Coiling Ropes? By Learning Basic KnotsCoprid /

There are so many cool knots. You can even get creative and come up with your own one. You can make it super secure, or the most complicated, or the fastest. This is a great workout for your brain. But first, you need to master the basic ones.

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