How To Cut Corner Trims: Simple Guide And Common Mistakes

Date January 15, 2019

Some people prefer actually taking part in the renovation of their houses. They would remove the old kitchen cabinets, change the faucets, assemble their new sofa, plaster the walls and do other complicated things all by themselves. They would even cut and install baseboards! Would you believe it, some people even do complicated stuff like cutting those frustrating angle trims. This requires patience, right preparation, a little bit of knowledge, of course. In this article, we will describe how you can also do it.

How To Cut Corner Trims: Simple Guide And Common MistakesVH-studio /

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How to cut corner trim

First of all, you need to know that there are two types of corners: inside and outside. Depending on the type, you will need to cut differently. You may encounter troubles right from the start, as you have to measure the wall space to know the precise length of the trim. It would be a great idea to overestimate the size a little bit to make sure you will have enough to cover the hole. Also, use a bevel protractor to measure the angle. After the preparations, you would want to wear some protection.

If you have a miter saw, that’s when it can finally come in handy. Place the baseboard on the panel and turn the saw clockwise. Set the saw at the needed angle, which should be around 45-degrees.

  1. Rotate the saw to slice the other piece. The angle should be exactly opposite to the one you used earlier.
  2. The next step is to check if the mitered edges connect seamlessly.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the angles, you can always redo the cuts.
  4. You can fix the flaws with the help of paintable silicone caulk.
  5. Also, some people nail the trims for better stability.

How To Cut Corner Trims: Simple Guide And Common MistakesVH-studio /

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Most common mistakes

Let’s now take a closer look at the most common mistakes you might make when it comes to cutting the trims. There are at the very least 5 of them you should be aware of to be able to make things right.

  1. It is wise to do some test cuts of new material, to prevent unnecessary wastes.
  2. Stabilization of the material is key for proper cutting.
  3. Your blade might be chipped. It is worth checking it before cutting trims.
  4. Proper blade exposure is also very important to prevent tearing, crumpled corners, etc.
  5. Sometimes, it’s not about your saw but the material. The cuts may be bad for numerous reasons.

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Cutting outside corner trims can be really challenging and might require you to fail several times before you master it. But the accomplishment of this goal can certainly give you a valid reason to be proud. However, if you are not sure about your cutting skills, you can always use help of specialists.

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