Need To Change Your Mobile Carrier? Learn How To Flash Your Phone For Free

Date January 16, 2019

Modern phones are so wonderful mainly because of their incredible multifunctionality and personalization options. Back in the days, nobody could imagine a small rectangular would give you a possibility of connecting with your close people all over the world; watching TV and movies without needing to go out; and even buying things online! Perfect as they might seem, modern phones have one at least one flaw that we want to talk about in this article – they are sold with already built in mobile provider like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.

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How to flash a phone for free

Like you might’ve already guessed, you can reprogram your phone settings and change the carrier. This process is called flashing a phone. First things first, we recommend taking your phone to specialists in order to prevent any troubles. However, if you have patience and aren’t terrible at modern devices, you can definitely try doing it yourself and save some money. We are going to tell you how to flash an android phone. You will need a PC with the USB cable.

  1. The very first thing you need to do is to download a special flash software on your PC. There are many different types, make sure the one you download is compatible with your operating system, Windows 10, for instance. Otherwise, it just won’t work.
  2. The next step is to unpack (unzip) the downloaded package of files and to connect your phone to the PC via the USB cable you’ve prepared beforehand.
  3. Follow the instructions in the manual to the downloaded flash software. It is usually a text file called named “Read Me.” Use the software according to the instruction.
  4. The flash procedure disables your current phone carrier and basically reprograms the phone to the new one.
  5. After the software did its job, you can check if it was successful. You need to go to the menu “System Tasks” in “My Computer.” There you should find “View System Information.” Now open the “Hardware” tab and find the option “Device Manager.” This window shows all the devices connected to your computer. You should be able to find your phone in the category “USB Controllers and Ports.”

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Warning: there is a risk of “bricking your phone,” which basically means the phone’s operational system might stop working completely, which in turn virtually turn your phone into a brick or stone. Unfortunately, this risk still exists even when the procedure is performed by professionals.

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In case you still want to flash your phone, there’s also one more thing you have to realize. Any warranty you is voided if you do such or similar manipulations. Knowing the risks and consequences, you can now make a choice. And if you still intend to do it yourself, our final advice is to read the instructions thoroughly and carefully. If you do not understand something find the information online instead of doing something by guess. Good luck!

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