What Is HDMI To Ethernet Adapter And Why Is It Worth In Specific Cases?

Date January 29, 2019

There are different types of cables, and the science around them is super complicated. Nonetheless, you should definitely learn some aspects to prevent common issues. Today’s topic is about HDMI and Ethernet cables. Some may wonder how the two are even related: the former is for a TV set, and the latter is for cable-internet connection. And the answer is unfortunately not that simple. Let’s take a closer look at why some people prefer buying HDMI over Ethernet adapters to standard HDMIs.

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HDMI to Ethernet adapter: how does it work and is it worth the money?

So the first and probably the most important thing you need to know is that there are types of signal: analog and digital. Based on the type of cable you can determine what type of signal it transfers.

The analog system is the older technology, where the waves of sound are sent through the analog cable. The same applies to images, but instead of a sound wave, there are three color waves – red, blue, green – which are later recombined to create an image on the screen. In the analog system, the quality of the resulted image really depends on the cable: its quality and length. But what about the digital signal?

In the digital system, an on/off signal is transferred through the cable. In other words, you might know this system as the 1 and 0 computer language. The data is transformed into some kind of a “square wave,” which is by definition more stable. However, unlike the analog signal, if there’re any issues about the digital signal, there will be no image.

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So what is HDMI over Ethernet adapter and why do some people choose to buy it?

The problem with the analog cables is obvious, but those issues seem to be resolved in the digital system, right? That’s not exactly true. In practice, however, some problems may occur. Cheap, poor quality, and especially long digital cables can negatively affect the signal, which may result in all sorts of bugs, errors, incorrectly rendered pixels, and overall unpleasant experience. That’s why it is recommended to have your HDMI cable as short as possible.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that so-called “premium” cables will do their job properly. In case of the HDMI cables, many people prefer buying a special adapter, if they need to run the cable over long distances. The most suitable technology for such purposes is the Ethernet cable. And what’s also great is that it is cheaper than buying long HDMI cables. You can buy one Ethernet cable, one small HDMI to Ethernet adapter and forget about packet losses. There are dozens of HDMI to Ethernet adapters at Walmart, Amazon, and other distributors.

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Long story short, you can save a lot of money and nerves, if you need to run your HDMI cable over a long distance to connect your monitor or TV set to the image source. How? Simply use the HDMI to Ethernet adapter. We hope you’ve found this article useful.

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