How To Search eBay For Completed Listing To Know How Much To Sell For

Date February 4, 2019

An Internet auction platform, eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce corporations in the world, but still, it cannot brag about its website interface. Founded in 1955, it may feel like the design hasn’t changed at all. And what’s even more important the interface can hardly be called user-friendly, as even the most experienced customers sometimes fail to some specific features. For instance, do you know how to find the pricing history of an item? Well, this article is exactly about this, so stay tuned!

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eBay price history: monitoring, searching and comparing

Even if you are new to the Internet auctions and eBay in particular, you are probably aware of price fluctuations. Sometimes, the difference can be astonishing. That’s why many people prefer to keep track of the items they want to buy in order to make the better trade. Nobody likes to pay more than it is worth, right? So what are your options?

Advanced search

Unfortunately, there aren’t many things you can do to track prices, as most of such apps are written for Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. First of all, eBay provides its users with a built-in feature that allows you to see the price history of an item you would like to list or buy.

  1. Go to Advanced search.
  2. Search for the desired item.
  3. Set the search to show only Sold and Completed items.
  4. The 90 days history should appear.

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UPC search

Is this the only option you have? Luckily, there’s something else for you. You can compare the prices of a particular item sold by all sellers on eBay. In order to do this, you should know the UPC code of the product.

  1. Go to the eBay search.
  2. Type in or copy/paste the UPC code.
  3. Voila! You can now compare the prices.

If the result tells that the listing has been removed, try adding the name of the item after the code (1 or 2 words should be enough). The search request should be something like this: “040094767007 Can Opener.”

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eBay price comparison

As we’ve already told, unfortunately, there aren’t many tools at your disposal to manage eBay. One of the most commonly requested features is the price comparison on eBay. Checkaflip offers you a way of doing exactly that. The website lists the searched item and allows you to compare the price tags. For example, if you are looking for a laptop, just type in the name and some characteristics in the search bar. It should look something like this: “lenovo thinkpad i7 8gb ram.”

How To Search eBay For Completed Listing To Know How Much To Sell ForAfrica Studio /

Hopefully, in the nearest future, the eBay website improves its functionality. We’re looking forward to this. Meanwhile, we hope this article answered your question. Good luck with your trading and shopping!

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