When There Is No Way In! 3 Ways How To Open A Locked Car Door Without The Keys

Date November 27, 2018

Anything can be broken, especially electrical locking systems. So it’s not surprising that people get stuck in their own cars every day. It can be quite irritating or even scary for many people. Don’t worry, though, we are going to get you out (or in, if you somehow cannot open your car’s door). First, you need to understand how your car’s door locking system works in general.

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How does the locking system work?

Modern cars have up to 4-5 different mechanisms of unlocking. Given that the door will be opening and closing thousands of time throughout the car’s service, the mechanism should be quite reliable. Nevertheless, errors and breakages happen. There are at least 6 ways of unlocking a car door:

  • simply using a key;
  • using the combination lock;
  • pressing the unlock button;
  • pulling up the knob;
  • using a remote control;
  • the signal from the body controller.

Although modern locking systems may seem really complicated, they can be explained easily. The main computer in your car, called the body controller, makes all decisions regarding locking and unlocking the doors. It is designed to make a car more user-friendly and comfortable. The mechanical part is even simpler: the knob and actuator are connected by a rod inside the door. So often times, all you need is a long metal strip with a hook to fish for this rod and unlock the car with a simple vertical motion.

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How to open a locked car door?

Method №1: “No Strings Attached”

Take a piece of some long and tough string, and make a small loop right in the middle. Using a thin piece of wood or metal, pry open the door and slip the string inside the car. Position the knot right over the lock post, tighten the knot around the post and pull up. Though it is a relatively simply and very effective method, it works only on cars that can be open by pulling up the lock.

Method №2: “The Coat Hanger Expert”

By using a simple wire hanger, you can open almost any car. Untwist it and make a hook, which has to be around the length of your finger. Slide it inside the door (between the glass and the rubber) and rotate it. The hook should face the inside of the car. Try finding the rod that connects the lock and pulling it up. This method can help you unlock a door without a key and save hundreds of bucks. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for every car.

Method №3: “The Bobby Pin”

You’ve probably seen it many times on TV and it’s true. You can actually unlock a car door with a bobby pin. Though this method is not that simple, it can be more convenient than waiting for hours and wasting lots of cash. You will need 2 bobby pins and plenty of patience. Bend the first pin to get a right angle and put the curled side into the lock. Now you need to pull apart the second pin and bend one of its tips just a little bit. This one goes right into the lock less than an inch deep. Hold the first one still and try moving the second one around inside the lock until its open. This method would help you to get into your locked car if you forgot your keys inside.

The best way to deal with a locked car, regardless if you are stuck inside or cannot get in, is to call a vehicle locksmith. After calling the specialist, provide them with full info about your car and the situation you are in. It is important to know where are the keys and if the engine is still running. Also, the master should know whether your car has manual or electric windows. Yes, this method will cost you some money, but it is totally safe. We recommend leaving this job to car unlock service, as you can damage your care while trying to unlock it. As a last resort, you can always break the car’s window.

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