Want To Live Tick-Free During The Hot Months? Here's All You Need To Know About Getting Rid Of Them

Date May 21, 2018 10:03

April to September is the period when ticks are most active because the weather gets considerably warmer, and ticks thrive in the warmth.

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Tick season

While it is good practice to be on the lookout all year round, it is more necessary during the warmer months.

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There are many ways to take precaution against ticks, and most of them are not stressful at all. Getting rid of ticks can be as simple as bathing as soon as you come indoors. It is advised to not wait more than 2 hours.

Running a physical assessment in front of a mirror is simple and effective, as is tumble drying items of clothing in high heat for about 10 minutes.

What to do if you miss them

However, because they are sometimes as tiny as poppy seeds, they can go undetected even with the most careful people.

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An important thing to note about ticks if you fear that you are exposed is this: The harm they cause is dependent on their type and location. In the United States, the deer tick found in Eastern and upper Midwestern regions can cause limes disease, while the dog tick common to the Eastern parts of the United States is responsible for Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.

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Doctors warm that panic is not the way to go if you find tick on your body. It’s best to stay calm and get the tick out with a tweezer.

According to Dr. José Ribeiro, who is a leading Biologist in the U.S, the trick is to grab the whole tick and pull it out. Remember that it makes a world of difference if the tick is detected on time and removed as soon as possible.

Be alert

That said, a recent Fox 10 report claimed that scientists had discovered a deadly specie of tick that could kill its victim in 48 hours.

Scientists who observed the tick closely said it survived the winter months without trouble and they believe it has the ability to clone itself.

The exotic tick, believed to be of East Asian origin, has not killed anyone yet, but the safest bet at the moment is to be on guard.

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