It's Possible To Reverse Baldness! 4 Eye-Opening Reasons Why Your Hair Might Be Falling Out That Have Nothing To Do With Genetics

Date August 1, 2018 17:37

If there’s any lesson we’ve learnt from watching Prince William and Prince Harry grow into men, it’s this: Genetic hair loss is not preventable.


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Hereditary hair loss

The two former most sought after bachelors have succumbed with dignity to varying forms of the royal family’s male pattern baldness.

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And, according to stats from the Belgravia Center’s website, they are just two among the 40% of men who have noticeable hair loss by age 35 (In Harry’s case, though, he’s two years shy of 35).

You don't have to live with it

The royals clearly fall under the category of people who lose their hair for genetic reasons and have simply chosen to embrace aging flaws, which is empowering.

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But, in the off chance that you have non-genetic hair loss problem and want to do something about it, it’s important to know exactly what could be causing you to go bald.

Causes and prevention

According to Everyday Health, here's a few reasons why your hair might be falling off:

1. Hair appliances

Excessive heat from hair styling can leave the hair strands brittle or cause them to break.

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2. Stress

Major stress episodes can take a toll on the hair, causing them to fall out excessively

3. Unhealthy diets

A low protein diet eater may suffer hair loss because there's nothing to support the growth of new follicles.

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4. Trichotillomania

This is an impulse control disorder which causes the sufferer to pull at their hair frequently, eventually resulting in hair loss.

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Want to reverse the tide? According to the Mayo Clinic, it's as simple as this: Avoid too tight hair styles, stop smoking, protect your hair from heat, and try not to tug at it often. Good luck with getting your hair back!

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