Couponers Might Seem Crazy At Times, But Not When A Woman Does Couponing To Feed 30,000 People

Date August 17, 2018

Extreme couponing is an activity where people can combine their shopping skills as well as saving money needs with the help of coupons.

Extreme couponing

Extreme couponing has become even more than a notion over the years. The American TV reality show has opened the eyes for lots of people on saving money with the help of couponing. It’s become so popular that the TLC network has developed a whole TV show about it and the results overcame all their expectations.

© Extreme Couponing (2011) / Sharp Entertainment

© Extreme Couponing (2011) / Sharp Entertainment

According to Business Insider, some of the people even steal newspapers and look for them in dumpsters to find as many coupons as possible.

© Extreme Couponing (2011) / Sharp Entertainment

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To feed 30,000 people by 30th birthday

This woman, however, has a bit different aim when she started doing couponing. She is a supermom and her name is Lauren Puryear.

When she was 29, she decided to make a birthday resolution. She wanted to feed 30,000 people with the help of couponing by her 30th birthday. And she made it even earlier.

Here’s what she told Scary Mommy:

After I couponed for 50 jars of Ragu sauce and 100 boxes of Barilla pasta all for FREE, I knew I was going to make a difference in the world.

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For the love of others

Puryear understood she can do even more and launched an organization called For Love of Others. She did it not only to continue helping people in need and provide them with all kinds of uncooked food but also as a legacy to her grandmother. And that’s what she told Scary Mommy:

[My grandmother] always taught us to help other people and to love other people. I know that she would want me to carry on her legacy.

If only all people were as kind as Puryear, there wouldn’t be any poverty and needy people in the world. She goes above and beyond every day to help others and that deserves our respect.